Take Care

How many times have you said “awe man, I loved that shirt”!  “Loved” being the operative word because someone accidentally washed and dried it when it was a hand wash item.  Taking care of your clothing is one of the keys to your to style success.  Taking proper care of your wardrobe ensures your clothes look better, longer.  Here are a few tips to ensure that your favorite sweater doesn’t end up belonging to your daughter:

First and foremost, read the care label of each garment closely and be sure to follow it.  If you have a hand-wash cycle on your washing machine, I find it works well for the items that require hand-washing and delicate items.


Make sure to keep good hangers in your laundry room to hang items that need to be hung dry and have an area to lay flat the items that need to dried in that manner.

Something I have learned the hard way, is that not using the proper detergent can ruin your clothing.  Detergents with dye in them can leave stains on your clothes.  We use Meyer’s Laundry Detergent, it is dye free and concentrated so you only need a very small amount per load.

Making laundry as easy as possible, ensures that it gets done properly and in a timely fashion so you aren’t looking for your favorite jeans and they are still in the hamper.  We use a rolling basket for lights, darks and delicate items as well as a bag for dry cleaning.  It makes laundry bearable, knowing it is sorted in advance and just needs to be rolled into the laundry room and started.

So make sure to take care and enjoy each piece longer!  I promise you will notice a difference in the longevity of your pieces.

Please let me know your favorite tips and tricks to taking care of your favorite wardrobe items.

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