Why, You Ask?

Why a personal stylist you ask?  I often hear people say “I don’t understand what the need for a service like personal styling is.” or “I have a fantastic stylist at ‘said’ store.” or “I use a convenient online service.” and of course we can all relate to “That just isn’t in my budget.”.  While all of these are obviously valid thoughts and concerns, let me play devil’s advocate for a minute (or two).

“I don’t understand what the need for a service like personal styling is.”:  There are several reasons why personal styling is beneficial over shopping alone, even for those that love to shop.  For one, spending money is often emotional and it can be difficult to decipher and make decisions on what items are best over the items you simply just want but don’t serve a real purpose in your closet and/or are out of the budget.  Along those same lines, while you will be paying me or another stylist a fee, we will help you save money in the long run by helping you not buy items that will just sit in your closet with tags on them until they go in the give-away pile 2 years later.  As the infamous saying goes “time is money” (whether it is leaving the kids with the nanny or leaving work so you are able to go shop for yourself), so you stay where you are, let me do the leg work for you and you stop long enough to come play dress-up and leave, better yet, I can bring the items to you!

“I have a fantastic stylist at “said” store.”:  I often work with in store stylists, they are very knowledgeable about their product and are generally a big help.  The important thing to note here with myself and pretty much all independent stylists, is that we make an hourly fee not a commission on what you buy like in store stylists; therefore if you spend $100 or $2000 on clothes, it makes no difference to me -I just want you to be happy with your items and comfortable with the amount of money that you are spending, otherwise it is not a fabulous experience for anyone.  The good news, the in store stylists still makes a commission on whatever you buy, so it is a win-win for everyone without the pressure to spend, spend, spend!  Also, in store stylists obviously have a vested interest in you buying their product, which just means they are doing their job, I have a vested interest in you being happy with your wardrobe, whichever store the items may come from, which just means I am doing my job.

“I use a convenient online service.”:  Shopping online is wonderful, definitely serves a purpose and is sometimes necessary but shopping and styling are two separate things.  The reason to “go local” as they say when choosing a stylist is to ensure the best results for you, the client.  When you meet someone in person and are able to build a rapport, as well as let them see your body shape, personality and style; trust and understanding are built.  Your style is very personal to you, hence personal styling.  I shop differently for every client, even if I pick out the same item for two clients, chances are I am going to show them two different ways to style said item.  The “personal” in personal styling is very important.  Also, as I discussed above, when I am styling someone, I pick the store/location that best fits their needs for that appointment, an online stylist is very similar to in-store stylist in the sense that they have an inventory to choose from that they are not able to stray from therefore limiting your options.

“That just isn’t in my budget.”  What does all of the above boil down to?  When you use a personal stylist, you have a more focused effort given to your wardrobe which in the long run saves money by avoiding having the wrong items and/or too many items in your closet.  Therefore, the money you spend on a personal stylist will come back to you in the form of a wardrobe that you love and best suits you.

While I am not saying that a personal stylist is for everyone, I do feel that it is a service that many can benefit from for different reasons; but I am sure we can all agree that I am most certainly biased on the subject-so don’t listen to me, listen to my amazing clients:

“I cannot thank Shelley enough for the amazing shopping experience she provided for me and my family.  I dread shopping, especially when coordinating for family photos!  She and I discussed our location and she pre-selected many choices for me to pick from.  Her personalized service made shopping enjoyable and her vision resulted in my favorite family photos yet!  I can’t wait to work with Shelley again.” -Robin J.

“Best shopping experience ever!! Why???  Because I did NOT have to shop!!  Shelley picked the perfect outfits for the occasions I had, and then many bonus items that I HAD to have for anything upcoming!  For someone who loves fashion but HATES to shop, or has no time, this is perfect.  I can’t wait til the next time!!!” –Candace B.

“It’s amazing what wearing the right size and right cut will do for your body. I’ve been told TWICE today how thin I look in the new black slacks you helped me buy for work. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your tag line should be “Making you look goooooood!”” – Mandy B.

“It’s way belated, but I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find a dress for the wedding I attended on Good Friday. I’ve been so busy with session that there is no way I would have been able to find something I liked as much as I liked what you picked out for me. Plus, there is no way I would have picked out the dress you found, but it was perfect and I got so many compliments! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Macy H.

“I recently worked with Shelley with Shell Personal Styling and completed a closet therapy session. I would highly recommend this service to any gal or guy who wants to save money in the future and confirm that the pieces of clothing you are wearing work for you, your style, your career and your body! I am incredibly clear about what I need to spend my money on and feel so confident! Not to mention is was a blast!” – Courtney U.

“Can’t say enough about Shell personal styling + closet therapy and this outfit! I lost weight, just by wearing the right size dress, changed my earrings and well, the fabulous shoes! Not kidding when I tell you mouths hit the floor gala night!” – Michele S.

“Working with Shelley was one of the best things I have done for myself in, well…ever. She went out of her way to figure out how I want to present myself before we met. I couldn’t believe the amount of clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc she had gone in and preselected for me to try on the previous day. I was so grateful for her to tell me exactly how to wear each piece. I had a fabulous experience and credit her for the extra hitch in my giddy up these days. Looking forward to working with her again on both a closet therapy session and more shopping.” – Lindsay B.

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