Do You Like Purple?

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a client tell me “I hate purple (or fill in the blank item)!”, “why, I ask?”-“I don’t know, I just do!”.  Okay, I say, I’m not going to make you buy anything “purple” but I am going to have you try it on!  Why would I have them try it on when they *know* they don’t like “purple”?  Multiple reasons: One is-it happens to the best of us in most areas of life, we get stuck in our ways!  Most of us have our routines and we don’t love straying from them; the same goes for most people with their wardrobe.  Two-When I work with clients, they are very quick to tell me what they absolutely will and most importantly WON’T wear!  So I wonder, why did they call me?  Really, it is a cry for fashion help (generally).  Third-Not all “purple” is created equal!

So how do you decide if you really like “purple” or not?

– Go in with an open mind.

– Try items on, they will look different on you than anyone else and certainly different and of course better than they do on the hanger.  If you don’t love it, no worries, you take it off and move onto the next item.

– Make sure you are wearing the garment correctly.  So often a client tells me they don’t like a certain style and once I show them how to properly wear it, they love it!  When I say wearing it correctly I mean not only styled properly but also that it is hitting you in the correct spot and fits well.  Ask yourself questions such as “is this the correct length?”, “Is it positioned correctly on my hips/waist?”, you get the idea!

– Ask someone, a friend is usually best because they will be nice but honest, how the “purple” looks on you.

– Take fashion steps, change lanes, don’t exit the highway if you know what I mean; do not scare your fashion self away by veering so far out of your lane each attempt.

– Stay true to yourself.  Now I know this sounds like a contradiction to all of the above but you can explore style and fashion without doing a complete style 180.

– Most importantly , have fun!  Fashion is supposed to be fun and an expression of who you are, not stressful and a burden.

Honestly, more times than not, people decide “hey, I really do like “purple!”.

What is an item you love that you originally thought “no way”?

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