I’ve Got The Blues

I have always been a jeans kind of girl, I love them!  Dress them up, down…all around, I will wear them pretty much any which way and luckily I live in a city where denim is accepted almost anywhere, anytime.  Denim has always been a fashion staple but recently it has made a complete resurgence showing up in all forms.  With Fall coming (what we get of it here in Texas), it makes me even more excited about jeans and denim, all I can think about are the new pairs I have bought and how I want to wear them without dying of heat exhaustion! So without further ado, lets go look at some of my favorite denim items right now.

I have had many people ask me how I feel about the overall trend, and quite frankly I wasn’t sure-until I tried these on.  I really like them!  They are comfortable, cute and I love that they have a skinny leg.  I have been dying to wear them in!  To the overall doubters I say “try them on”, they may not be for you but it is one of those things you will never know until you try.

Distressed Denim Overalls

Keeping with a similar trend, I found these today and WANT them!  Joe’s are always a good denim and you can wear this jumpsuit a million times and ways.


PS. It's on sale...

PS. It’s on sale…

Do not let the words “high rise” mislead you, all it means in this case is “made for women who don’t like low rise”.  These jeans are made for everyone from 17 to 71!  I know, because my Mother bought them and loves them more than any other pair of denim she owns.  I love Joe’s, I have two pair and wear them all of the time.

Joe's Flawless High Rise Skinny

I have tried these flare jeans on, they are fabulous!  The only reason I didn’t buy them is I was pregnant at the time.  Pair these with a great (faux) fur vest and suede boots!

Level 99 Lisbon Flare

Jessica Alba sporting them!

Jessica Alba sporting them!

Can you go wrong with jeans + grey?

Hudson Grey Skinnies

If you have ready my blog before, you probably know that I am big fan of Blank denim, they have cute styles, fit well and are a nice price point.  These combine two fabulous things, skinny and boyfriend!

Blank Skinny Boyfriend

Stella is wearing my new Just Black Boyfriend jeans that I picked up at Beehive last week, go get a pair before they are gone (really great price point)!

Just Black Boyfriend

Denim on denim is definitely on trend.  Pair this top with any of the above!

Treasure & Bond Chambray

I can’t leave the men out! These are awesome because they are denim but look like trousers, men can wear a button down and oxfords and be ready for dinner!  You can even add a vest to change it up!

Joe's Brixton Slim Fit

Guess what?  These are Levi’s!!


And so are these!


And of course, it’s back to school, so the kids too!

The grey is different and cute!

Vince Kids Jeans

Everyone in the family needs a chambray!

Peek Chambray

Does this come in my size?!

Kid's Chambray Vest

What denim are you wearing or which pieces will you be purchasing?

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