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UPDATE: Rant Chic is at it again and has added 4 no goes after 30 to the list, so as the responsible blogger I am, I am responding with my thoughts.  If you read “Rant Response: 20 Things…“, read on-if not click that link first to catch yourself up and then read on!

21. Victoria’s Secret PINK: What you do in the comfort of your home is totally up to you!  Once you step out the front door, is another story.  So wear VS PINK as pj’s or lounge clothes in your home day & night-that is none of my concern or anyone else’s (except maybe your loved one’s) but once you step out that front door, I agree, save the PINK for the college students (and younger).

22. Blue eyeshadow: This is a tricky one, as in most things, there isn’t a blanket yes or no-blue eyeshadow has to be worn on the correct person and the correct way which can be very difficult-but certainly not unattainable.  This is one of those ask the experts, or at least a friend, before you wear it items.  Now, Rant Chic goes on to say that those over 30 shouldn’t wear eyeshadow at all-say what?!  Even if you were to say that the over 30’s shouldn’t wear blue or “colors” how can you say they shouldn’t wear a neutral color to act as powder or color neutralizer of sorts?  As an avid eyeshadow wearer, I not only don’t understand this “rule” at all, I obviously don’t relate either! Who can argue with the sexiest in the city?!

SJP in blue eyeshadow

23. Bedazzled anything: I think this “rule” is improperly titled.  As anyone over 30 reading this remembers and the younger ones may know as well, bedazzling is a term coined in the 90’s, maybe even 80’s and was mostly in reference to “do-it-yourself” rhinestone clothes.  I do not think it is fair to lump all bling in, in this category as Rant Chic says “leave the rhinestones for a tween”.  Now I agree that heavily rhinestoned items are just simply out of style and don’t have much to do with one’s age but like with most rules, there are exceptions.I love this sweater from Beehive!

Beehive Sweater

24. Graphic Tees: This is one of those, “you have to know what you are doing” items similarly to blue eyeshadow.  Graphic tees can be a great addition to the appropriate outfit but it is something that you really have to know how to accessorize and wear to make sure it doesn’t look young.  It isn’t a “you can’t” it’s a “you have to know how” and I think Rant Chic just assumes you don’t know how! Image courtesy of InStyle.

Graphic Tees

As I mentioned in my previous blog, there are lots of grey areas in fashion and it something that is unique to the occasion and person-which is why I am generally not a fan of saying you should “never wear ‘this’ “-although you may hear the words slide off my tongue from time to time! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts this time around!

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