The objective of SHELL is for you to get dressed every day for every occasion with confidence and ease.  Below is a list of services that will help you achieve that.  If there is something in your wardrobe that you would like help with that I have not addressed with one of my services, please let me know.

Personal Styling: This can be for a special event or a whole season’s wardrobe.  Together we will pick the perfect pieces for your needs.  The beauty of SHELL is that it takes the guessing and leg work out of the process for you.  The process is all about you and your wardrobe making you feel incredible.  Personal styling can be done a couple of different ways; one is I shop and bring a selection of items to you in your home or place of convenience where we review the items, pick the best ones for you and the rest goes back to the store.  The second option is I pre-shop items specifically for you and when you arrive the dressing room is set-up with clothes, shoes, accessories and more, all for you!  We will try the items on, discuss what you do and don’t like, why they do or don’t work and go from there.  This process is fun for even those that don’t like shopping and are perplexed by fashion!

Closet Therapy: Together we decide what to keep, what to donate, what to alter, what items are needed in your wardrobe and how to wear items in your closet that you love but are unsure of how to wear.  The objective of closet therapy is to make getting dressed a breeze and to get the most out of the items in your closet!  No more aimlessly staring at your closet just waiting for it to tell you what to wear, break-downs before that big event that you “have nothing to wear” to or being late on account of not being able to pick something out to wear! Who doesn’t feel better after a little therapy?!

Photo Shoots: Styling a shoot is so much fun!  The photographer is there to make sure that they get the best composed shot possible (lighting, surroundings, etc.) and I am there to make sure everything about you is flawless.  We can start by picking a wardrobe together for the shoot and then I can be on site day of to make sure you have the perfect outfit and accessories for each shot.  I will also ensure that your hair, clothing and accessories are in place for each shot.  Photos are forever and take a commitment of time and money, so why not make sure they are the best they can be?  Whether it is a family portrait session, bridal shoot, engagement shoot, business shoot, boudoir shoot or any other type of photo session, SHELL will help it go flawlessly and ensure you look as fabulous as you are!

Travel/Packing:  Traveling can be a fun but  busy and stressful time, so why not let SHELL take away some of the stress?  I will come to your closet and help you pick out the perfect items and outfits for your trip.  It may be for vacation or an important business trip, either way you will go looking incredible and feeling confident!

Sharing: I would love to share tips and ideas with your group, association, colleagues or friends.  I can come to your event and speak on a very specific topic such as what is appropriate for (your) work place, everyday tips that apply to your group or more generally on a season’s trends.  It is an enjoyable way to learn more about fashion and style!