Why a personal stylist you ask?  I often hear people say “I don’t understand what the need for a service like personal styling is.” or “I have a fantastic stylist at ‘said’ store.” or “I use a convenient online service.” and of course we can all relate to “That just isn’t in my budget.”.  Below are some whens and whys of using a personal stylist.


– I can help focus your efforts by helping you pick key pieces for your wardrobe and not spend money on the ones that are going to sit in your closet.

– I differ from an in store stylist because I do not benefit from you spending more.

– An outside person can offer a fresh perspective.

– I pay attention to when new inventory is coming into stores and my relationships get me first looks at them.

– An honest opinion is invaluable preventing you from spending money on unnecessary items.

– Staying on top of trends is an ongoing job, let me do it for you.

– I know when to shop sales and when to pay full price.

– I know where and how to shop for specific items.


– Family photos; no need to put everyone in blue anymore because you can’t figure out what to wear!

– Commercial shoots

– Boudoir shoots

– You are overwhelmed when you walk into stores/boutiques.

– You are overwhelmed by your closet.

– Special occasion: wedding, gala, new job, weight loss

This is what I know and love, it is my passion, let me share it with you!  For a more detailed version of this list, check out my blog on the subject “Why, You Ask?”.  Also, read what my amazing clients have said about what personal styling has done for them: The Nod